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Comprehensive Inspections

You can rely on the experience of our home inspectors for a fair inspection of the home you're planning to buy or sell. Our detailed reports will give you a precise idea of how much the home is worth. Talk to our friendly and professional staff for any questions or queries you might have on our reports.

Don't think twice about getting a home inspection done before buying your dream home.

Affordable, unbiased, and reliable home inspections

Get the home inspection job done right the first time with reliable home inspectors. From radon and water quality testing to termite testing, plumbing, heating, electrical, roofing, and structural inspections, we do it all at prices you can easily afford.

Our licensed home inspectors at Farmington Valley Home Inspection are available 24/7 on calls for consultation.

Home Inspection Reports

We have been providing exterior and interior home inspections in Farmington, CT since 2004.

  • Easy to read format

  • Digital Photos

  • Records problem areas

  • Points out major and minor defects

  • Lists out items that may need servicing or repair

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